Keeping Up with God on Vacation: 3 Helpful Tips

Post Date : July 17, 2022
Bring along God on vacation
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Vacations are beautiful things! They are a time to “unplug” from our regular, jam-packed schedules for a little rest and rejuvenation. God encourages us to rest. He didn’t create us to be machines, but rather human beings that thrive off of cycles of work and rest. While taking a break from work and the responsibilities of this life is healthy and good, taking a break from our faith is not. We must bring still commit ourselves to grow in faith while on vacation. Here are 3 ways to keep up with God while on vacation.

Invite God on Your Vacation with You

There are things we need a break from in this life, but God is not one of them. He must be our constant companion through life, whether at home, at work, or even on vacation! A great practice is to start your day by reading a verse of the Bible and saying a quick prayer to the Lord. It’s as easy as opening up your Bible app first thing when you wake up! This will help to center your heart and mind around your faith as you begin your day.

Use Down Time as Connection Time

There’s always downtime on a vacation. Whether it’s waiting for your flight to take off, a relaxing moment on the beach, or waiting for the kids to get ready for the day, you have a moment to spend with God. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, take a moment to read your Bible and pray. Even if it’s a single verse or a single-sentence prayer, every moment with God is one well-spent!

Make it Fun by Being Creative

Our faith is all about our relationship with God. In that relationship, we have the freedom to interact and express ourselves to God in creative ways! Do what speaks to you. Perhaps that’s keeping a journal of ways that you’ve encountered God through the events of your vacations, or doodling Bible verses while relaxing on the beach. Remember to have fun in your relationship with God. It will keep you motivated as you draw closer to Him.


Inviting God on your vacation with you will bring you to a place of even deeper rest and rejuvenation. Not only will your body and mind find rest from the break in your typical schedule, but your spirit will find refreshment in God as well. Make God an inseparable part of your next vacation and your faith will flourish as a result!

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