Embracing the Storm: Trusting in God’s Unwavering Presence

Post Date : May 23, 2023
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This post is written by Karin Tegeman, the founder of Planning Faith Co., a visionary on a mission to help people grow their faith through creativity. With a deep passion for Bible journaling and faith planning, she discovered the transformative power of expressing oneself through colors, patterns, and art.

We often encounter situations in life that test our faith, challenge our resolve, and sometimes even shake the very foundations of our being. These storms can take many forms, it can be an emotional turmoil, a career setback, or even something that threatens our physical safety. It is during these moments of uncertainty that our trust in a higher power truly can have the chance to shine through, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Recently, I found myself embarking on a ferry journey amidst a storm. The weather forecast predicted gusts of up to 70m/s, and the rather small ferry I boarded could become a bit unsteady under such extreme conditions. However, I had prayed fervently to God the night before, asking Him to calm the storm just as He did in the tales in the Bible. I placed my trust in His divine providence, confident that He would ensure my safety and transform the journey into a pleasant one.

Yet, as I sat on the ferry, with relentless waves crashing against the ferry, with soft-drink bottles rolling around on the deck (somehow the cafe had forgotten to take note of the weather and didn’t secure its drinks!). At this moment it became clear that the storm was not going away. Did I feel disappointment in God? Surprisingly, no. At that moment, an epiphany unfolded before me, showcasing a profound truth that often eludes us. We often speak the words, “Trust that God will lead you through the storm,” without fully comprehending the implications of this statement. But here, amidst the howling ocean, I began to grasp its profound significance.

Finally, after having arrived safely on the other side, it was as if God whispered into my soul, saying, “I may not calm every storm you encounter, but I am always with you”. In that instant, I realized that the storms we face are not meant to be eliminated by God at every turn, but rather, they (often) serve a purpose in shaping us into the individuals we are destined to become.

Whenever God has a plan for us, it could be, a specific goal to achieve, to move somewhere new, or to start a new job. God will give us the strength, resources, and endurance that we need to get us there. He does not promise a life free of storms, but He promises His unwavering presence, providing us with the strength and resilience to weather any challenges that come our way. It is through these challenges that we grow, develop character, and discover the depths of our potential.

If you find yourself amid the storm right now, keep trusting in God, even if it feels like you are in an impossible situation. Even when the winds howl and the waves threaten to consume you, there is always hope. It might sound contradictory but trying to embrace the storm, for within it lies the opportunity for transformation. A place for finding new courage, and for experiencing the awe-inspiring power of God’s everlasting love.

As we navigate the unpredictable journey of life, let us hold fast to our faith, knowing that no matter what storm we are facing, we are never alone. Let us pray that we learn to embrace the storms that come our way. That they could be catalysts of growth and the beginning of a new and better future.

When you trust in God’s unwavering presence, you have the possibility to emerge from each storm stronger, more resilient, and ready to conquer the world with a renewed sense of purpose.

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