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Empowering Your Creative Faith Journey

Here at Planning Faith Co., we’re here to help you grow your faith practice. We believe that a creative practice of faith is essential to living out the life God has created for us, and we’re committed to helping you do exactly that.

Our mission is simple: we want to encourage others to explore a more creative side of being a Christian, whether it’s writing in a journal, using colors in the Bible, or setting up a planner.

We know how important it is to feel inspired by your faith—and if you’re looking to try out Bible journaling or setting up a Faith Planner, we have tools, resources and articles that can help you with that.


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With the right tools, resources
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We are supporting your faith journey by bringing you christian stickers, inspiring planners and faith-based stationery
that will remind you to take time for God and read his word.

The story of Planning Faith Co.

From Bible Journaling to Creative Planning

When Karin Tegeman, founder of Planning Faith Co. first started trying out Bible journaling, she found that it helped her really grasp the content of Scripture. The colors and patterns made it easier for her to understand what she was reading, which encouraged her to continue learning about God’s word and applying it in her life.

She explains “I’ve always been a creative person, but it wasn’t until I started Bible journaling that I realized how much being creative can help you grow your faith. When you get to express yourself in some way—whether writing, drawing, or coloring—you feel more connected to the Bible and God’s word.”

Karin’s passion is helping people grow their faith through creativity. She wanted to make it easy for people who wanted to try out Bible journaling or setting up a faith planner, so she started Planning Faith Co., where she now offers tools, resources and articles that help you do just that.

At Planning Faith Co. our motto is to keep bringing inspiring stickers, planners and stationery that will remind you to take time for God and read his word. It will also help you share the love of God with those around you in every day life.