A little Bag of Hope – English version

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Spread some hope to a friend! Over 100 notes with references to promises and encouraging Bible texts. Perfect as a gift for someone you care about!
It comes in a beautiful organza bag that can serve as storage for the notes. Attached is also a card with suggestions on how to use the notes.

Out of stock

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You can’t always be there for a friend when they need it. But this little bag of hope has the perfect notes to remind them that, even at their lowest, God is by their side. “May you find peace in the middle of your storm.” “You are not alone in this fight.” “Just know that I love you and nothing can change that.” Over 100 references to Bible verses filled with promises, scripture, and comforting words to encourage anyone fighting a battle. It comes in a beautiful organza bag which can serve as storage for the notes.

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