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Christian Stationery 2022 Gift Guide

Christian Stationery Gift Guide 2022

Reading time: 2 minutes Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for a christian friend? Do not be afraid, thankfully we have made your life easier. There are tons of gift ideas out there, but for a christian creative, they don’t always fit the bill. Here are three gifts that are perfect for the christian friend that loves […]

How to setup a new Faith Planner / Bible Study Journal

Reading time: 3 minutes   A Bible study journal or Faith Planner is a tool for you to organize all your faith notes and Bible Study notes in. It can be a binder, a journal, or a collection of notebooks. The idea of a Faith Planner is that it can be used to help you organize your thoughts, keep […]

How to go to church

How to go to church (aka: getting back into the routine)

Reading time: 4 minutes   Disclaimer: To make this extra clear, everyone should be welcome in the church, whether they are prepared to be there or not. Perhaps you’re someone that is new to church or getting back into routines after moving, sickness, or a pandemic(!). Hopefully, this article can be of help or be a bit of fun […]

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